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Keryflex Nail Restoration System

Nail fungus affects millions of Americans. It can make you feel self-conscious about the way your feet look in sandals. Many people who have toenail fungus often refuse to go out in public without socks and shoes. Keeping your feet trapped in the warm, moist confines of restrictive shoes can sometimes make the problem worse. Dr. Leonora Fihman, a board-certified podiatrist serving the Los Angeles County area, has a solution to the toenail fungus problem. The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System effectively treats toenail fungus and eliminates the unsightly discoloration that often accompanies it. If you have questions about the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System and how it may be able to benefit you, call Dr. Fihman's office at 818-798-1919 and schedule an appointment.

What Is the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System is a cosmetic procedure in which a composite resin is applied to the surface of the patient's nail. It allows the provider to remodel the nail, using a durable resin mixture that is non-porous and safe for the remaining nail. By applying the resin, the natural nail can grow and develop just as it would without the fungus. The procedure produces a natural looking nail that can be painted or left uncovered. Patients who are pregnant or sensitive to any of the ingredients found in the KeryFlex products should avoid this type of procedure.

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration can be used along with treatments designed to destroy the toenail fungus and prevent it from spreading. It can be used along with an antifungal laser treatment offering the patient a way to both eliminate the nasty fungus and prevent it from coming, as well as restoring the nail to its natural appearance. By combining both procedures, the nail is given a chance to heal and grow back on its own naturally. Because they can be performed within minutes of one another, a single appointment with Dr. Fihman may be all that is needed.

How Does It Work?

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System allows the doctor to reshape the nail, removing any damage or imperfections caused by the growth of the fungus. A durable bonding agent is applied to the surface of the existing nail. It is shaped and filed to the correct size and form. Once the new “nail” has been completed, a special light is used to harden and bond the material directly to the nail of the tooth. This restores the nail and gives it a stronger, more natural look.

Applications of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System are applied while you sit in the doctor's office, making it both convenient and hassle-free. Dr. Fihman has received special training and is certified to perform the procedure on her patients who request it. The new “nail” can last up anywhere from six to eight weeks. While an antifungal treatment cannot be applied while the new nail is in place, the KeryFlex System allows for the resin to be applied within a few minutes of having an antifungal laser treatment.

What Causes Toe Nail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is most often caused by a form of fungus known as dermatophyte. Fungal infections that affect the nails can occur no matter what the person's age. Nails will often become brittle and dry as a person ages, making them more susceptible to various types of nail fungus. Exposure to molds and yeast may also increase the risk of a fungal infection. Individuals who poor circulation or a depressed immune system may also have a higher risk of infection. This is where diabetes and other chronic illnesses may help to promote the growth of the fungus, especially if the conditions are left untreated.

Exposure to Athlete's foot can also play a role in how toenail fungus spreads from toe to toe. If a person wears shoes that cause the feet to sweat profusely, the dark, moist environment provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to spread. Exposure to the Athlete's foot and other types of fungus can encourage the growth of fungus under and around the toenails. Walking on wet gym floors or bare feet can increase this type of exposure. Dr. Fihman recommends wearing flip-flops, sandals, or swim shoes when entering or exiting a gym's restrooms or shower areas.

Using the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

Before using the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System, your nails must be treated to remove the fungus and prevent it from growing or spreading any further. While there are many medications on the market, the quickest and most effective way to eliminate nail fungus is through an antifungal laser treatment. Both the antifungal laser treatment and the creation of the new nail using the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System can be performed in Dr. Fihman's office. She can also perform both procedures during an in-home visit as part of her concierge service.

Once the nails have been treated, Dr. Fihman can immediately apply the composite resin to create a new, healthier looking nail. The resin used to cover the existing nail can be shaped and filed to create a natural looking nail that is extremely durable. The resin nails can last from six weeks to almost two months, giving your nails time to heal and start to grow again naturally. It's extremely important to have your nails checked regularly to ensure the KeryFlex Nails are staying in place and still looking their best.

Prevent the Return of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can be difficult to get rid of. While antifungal laser treatments are extremely effective and the use of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration Nail System can help to protect your existing nails, continual exposure to fungus, yeast, or molds can result in the return of the infection. In addition to the antifungal laser treatment and the use of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System, there are several things you can do to prevent the fungus from returning. A few of the most common suggestions are:

  • Wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe
  • Wash your feet often
  • Change your socks two or three times a day, especially if your feet sweat excessively
  • Throw away old shoes
  • Treat shoes with antifungal sprays or powders
  • Avoid nail polish and acrylic nails
  • Keep nails neatly trimmed
  • Disinfect clippers and any other tools you use to keep your nails smooth and well-groomed
  • Visit Dr. Fihman on a regular basis to ensure your feet are healthy and fungus free

While changing your socks several times a day may seem a little much, the more your feet sweat, the more likely you are to have toenail fungus. Changing your socks will keep your feet dry and eliminate the conditions needed for yeast, mold, and fungus to grow. Following these suggestions will lower your risk of the fungus returning and will keep your feet and toenails as healthy as possible. 

You don't have to suffer from toenail fungus. There are options available to you that will restore your nails, making them as natural as possible. The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System covers defects and repairs damaged areas, creating a new, more resilient and durable nail. Dr. Fihman has received the special training needed to use the KeryFlex System. In addition to the antifungal laser treatment, she can help you eliminate toenail fungus and restore your nails making it appear as the fungus was never there. The KeryFlex Nails last for several weeks and can be reapplied as needed to ensure your nails have an opportunity to grow back stronger than ever before.

Dr. Fihman serves residents throughout the Southern California area. She offers appointments in her office as well as a concierge service where she travels to their homes or businesses. Because of her mobile service, she is able to perform both the antifungal laser treatment and the KeryFlex Nail Restoration procedures during the same appointment, both in her office and during remote visits. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to our office and feel free to ask questions or schedule an appointment with Dr. Fihman. Her staff will provide you with information on both types of procedures and will answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

When you are ready to schedule your appointment, call Dr. Fihman's office at 818-798-1919. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will discuss all of your options with you so that you know what kind of treatment will work best for you. The KeryFlex Nail Restoration System and the antifungal laser treatment are excellent ways to prevent the re-occurrence of toenail fungus. Dr. Fihman will do everything she can to ensure your feet are as healthy as possible at all times and that they always look their very best. Don't let toenail fungus get in the way of having beautiful feet! Call our office today to schedule your appointment!

keryflex nail restoration system


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