cool touchThe goals of light-based (laser) treatments are a shorter treatment regimen, minimal to no local side effects and no systemic side effects. Light-based treatments have the ability to penetrate the nail to eliminate fungus through a thermal inactivation mechanism. Dr. Fihman is impressed by the CoolTouch laser’s abilities to provide a clinical endpoint and customize treatments for each patient to maximize results.

CoolTouch laser therapies increase patient safety by measuring the nail temperature continuously during laser delivery and automatically stopping when target temperature is reached. Using the CoolTouch laser jump starts the destruction of toenail pathogens and destroys fungal elements where they live. Using the CoolTouch laser in conjunction with good foot hygiene, appropriate footwear and topical antifungal therapy provides optimal results. My patient is aware that by staying on top of this progressive disease, this combination of therapy is the best way to secure the clearing of nails.

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